1988 Feb 21 (Dannys Song)

The sun in the Australian bush capital beat down on the pair as they embarked on their first Sunday morning walk together.

The Dudes first born was only weeks old and was packed snug into the front pack.
His wife had had a caesarean section, and so was recovering with a well deserved sleep in.

The Dude would like to say he was a natural father and a caring partner.
But the truth was a little different.

A work in progress would be more accurate.
This particular walk was significant - a load of new information came to him from the stillness - the Quiet Earth.

In the 12 months leading up to this moment , there had been some unease in the Dudes thinking and feeling.
Pathways to Nirvana: He was still learning about what his ego desired versus his inner spiritual nature.

The sun was absolutely brilliant and bright.
The Dude ensured the baby had a hat on and he held his sleeping body close to his chest.
He  was on the long walk around the base of Mt Taylor - he enjoyed the outlook with its grass, trees, birds and blue blue sky.
Occassionally he would check on his son who seemed very peaceful.
It was at this point he felt his consciousness soar. 

He remembered how he found himself thrust out alone into the hospital dark corridor (and how emotional he felt).
He gave gratitude to his heroic wife and son - that they had come through such an ordeal.
He gave gratitude to the universe.

He opened his eyes again and marvelled at the morning.
A Canberra summer morning (before the sun gets high), with its dry arid air can be extremely pleasant.
The Dude became very calm , but at the same time very alert.

He did not fully know it, but this was exactly the right vibration for his being to accept energy.
The Dude was then bombarded with a load of imagery and thinking and feeling about where he was, who he was and where he was going.

Family became a big word from that moment.
What a Father is? and how important a person they are for a child.

He did not focus too much on specifics, just the raw energy. 
Energy that he is convinced will keep him on the right path

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