2009 Mar 10 (Marriage Anniv)

At the Dudes 25th wedding anniversary he was taken aside by his older brother and asked  “What is the secret?”
The Dude just smiled at his older sibling.

His life was almost 180 degrees opposite re. personal relationships and life in general.

Many years previous, the Dudes brother had confessed , that "the only time he had experienced “true love” was when he was around his 7 and 5 year old nieces" (Dude daughters) - who at the time hero worshipped their bachelor uncle.

The dude could see that he was serious with the question,          He took a deep breath...

In truth , the Dude had nothing.

He had some disjointed ideas... that he knew would not make sense.
He thought of his wife and what she looked like on the day.
He took a deep breath and decided that he had nothing to say.. and just smiled.

Some time passed... and he gave the question much thought.
He realised "There were Secrets".
The knowledge was not deliberately hidden... he just did not have the vocabulary.

If his brother asked again... 
the Dude would pause and say three words... The Quiet Earth.


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