1980 Nov 13 (How I met your Mother)

The Dude looks back at the exact moment his life changed forever..
The moment which triggered a chain of events that directly led him to his wife and lifelong partner.

From the solitude of a wild and windy night in Wellington, New Zealand came the moment.

If those seconds did not exist, then the Dudes marriage, his children, his friends, his career, his family – all these precious things would remain in the ether.

That year (still in his teens) the Dude  had high expectation that some changes would happen in his life.

He was slowly grinding out a career in Information Technology (a job he acknowledged paid the bills, but was not very inspirational).
Life in the armed forces provided food and shelter, but for years he felt a inner nagging for something more.

As anyone who has experienced military service, there is great mateship with your compadres , but the Dude knew it was time to experience a primary relationship (it was like a call of nature).

The Dude was not interested in a one night forgettable liaison, what he was yearning for was the connection of his soul mate and his life long partner.
The pressure that year built up , with false starts and massive frustration.

Desperation built and the Dude reached for answers.
None seemed to be coming back - Books offered little and loose talk from his mates , even less.

On this particular night, alone in the barracks , he changed into running gear and headed out on the deserted coast road.
He was at a low point.
The Thursday night was very cold and very windy ( not a soul was to be seen).
The Dude did not know it, but the setting was Perfect for Change.

As long as the Dude can remember, he has had a good relationship with the 
World of Soul.
As he ran into the turbulent darkness , he was full of dark energy and emotion.
Finally he stopped – he looked at the noisy surf and raised his head skyward 
He asked the night sky for answers , but got silence
Finally his head fell downcast .. he felt beaten.

Slowly from the depths... he regained some composure.. 
He once more looked up again into the night...
and this time he felt present..
beyond the racing clouds..
..he saw part of the moon and the stars..
At this exact moment there seemed to be an eerie calm.

A surge information hit him .. 
with one idea after idea after another coming in.
He could barely remember all the ideas that filled his mind.
It jolted him.

He stumbled back onto base not talking, with a slightly numb feeling...
But significantly - a vague knowledge of what he must do..

For the next week, he was almost on auto pilot..  
organising and preparing for the impending meet of his lifelong partner.

Then the day came Friday 21 Nov 1980.. the universe indeed delivered a young woman and the Dude
 recognised her as "the one".. within 60 seconds of meeting her.

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