1977 Oct 06 (Soldier Sailor)

This day was one of the earliest examples of the Dude using the Quiet Earth to decide his future. 

For one Thursday in every school term , the Dude adopted a practise of being absent from school.

He would take the bus as per normal, but instead of entering his Auckland High school, he would keep walking to the summit of near by Mt Eden. 

In a remote spot of the dormant volcano... there he would sit.

The view was truly magnificent.
He breathed and allowed his young mind to soar.

He closed his eyes and dreamed.
So much life in front of him.

What adventures would he face? What career? His future partner?

He instinctively knew that playing taking time off... would not harm his overall Education
In fact the opposite, he knew that there was a different form of knowledge  
That is much different than what is taught in a classroom. 
He took a deep breath and gave gratitude to the universe...

On this particular day, what came to the Dude was a TV program he had seen a few months before.
It was a documentary
called "Tinker, Taylor, Soldier Sailor" about a Navy recruit (a former student one year older than the Dude called Taylor). 

Someone he had never met, but was about to me a massive catalyst for change.

The Dude was vaguely attracted to the military, although has to be said - he is very untidy and does not like rules.
The main appeal was the solitude at sea and the adventure and the friends he would meet.
NB: also there was a Dad influence thing - See The Pathfinder
Anyways - from this moment on, the Dude knew things would change very quickly ...
                  His instinct had spoken...
                                     The universe had spoken....

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Mt Eden Auckland