2011 Apr 12 (Bryce Canyon Utah)

During the months of March and April 2011, the Earthship Australia dude travelled to the USA.

The Dude would like to say he was on a quest to  find "the spirit of 
Jack Kerouac" in the Sierra Nevada .... or to say "Hi" to the "Father of Earthships" Mike Reynolds in Taos New Mexico, but that would all be untrue.

The main driver was all about fulfilling a promise to his wife.
His good lady partner (see pic )...
had always wanted to do a USA road trip...

The Dude instinctively knew he must fulfill this...
But also... he knew.. something existed there for him as well...

..This took the form of a ..
watershed and "60s awakening" moment 
which ocurred in the solitude of the alpine snow.. 
overlooking Bryce canyon, Utah...

The Dude considered the question... 
"How have I come to be interested in Earthships?"

This moment was the Genesis for 
People who have touched his soul.. 
He felt that they are really like teachers and role models..
NB: This moment solidified Dudes decision to pursue Earthships

As he breathed and
 soaked in the magnificent Vista before him... 
he felt the creative energy he was feeling..
where it was coming from..

                                                                   ..a place the Dude calls The Quiet Earth


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