What is Love?

The Dude was taken aback the recent
Divorce announcement by
rock superstars
Thurston Moore and Kim Gordon (Sonic Youth band mates)
After 30 years together
They seemed to have it all...

The mind part of the Dude says:
“if these guys can’t make it, then what chance have the rest of us?”
The Dude stops and takes a deep breath
He ceases the judgement of these two...
He concludes “it is what it is
...the details of any analysis are a waste of energy
He then thinks of their music...

(See Kim Gordon segueway)

Then the Dude turns to his own relationship (now over 30 years).
He wonders if there is any truth to that Einstein cliché:
"Men marry women with the hope they will never change - Women marry men with the hope they will change”

Summary: The Dude has always worked to the premise
that a human being is made up of Mind, Body and Spirit

Love does not come the Mind
Love is not the Physical
Love is from Spirit

"Where Love is, there God is also"
Mahatma Gandhi

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