What is Green?

The Dude looks around the media and is confused about what it means to be Green.

It seems like the movement has been high jacked ...
by “quick buck” opportunists.. 
and Governments obsessed by raising revenue by new Tax..
These solutions seem unnecessary.. 
and out of touch with what the people want... what the world wants..
Green cars that cost loads of cash?
and Homes built of recyclable products.. 
                  that cost more than normal homes?
IMHO – the Green movement should be way more simple
And more Power should be given to the Individual
It should be all about:
Extremely low cost, do-it-yourself solutions
That dovetails with low energy use..
preferably "off the grid"..
and is encouraged by Governments (thru Minimal Red tape)
Current World Policy... 
IMHO - it is crazy to ..
fix debt by borrowing more..

It seems to be Anti Relationship , Anti Family and Anti Individual...

Make time and space for the Quiet


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