The Pathfinder

Fear of change

Fear of the unknown

Fear of the future

 These things can cripple a human being 


We must remind ourselves that the fear is not real..

don't hide behind it and use it to justify inaction.

Also, it is not a reason to stop dreaming



"Imagination is more important than knowledge"




The Dude believes when we are calm

When we are present before the Mother Nature (see related the Quiet Earth)


We can accept a new energy from the Void

We can accept "what is"

Also, look for Guides (magnificent souls - with their messages from the light)

Trust your instincts and keep the vibe simple.

All these things come together to show new possibility.. 

in what the Dude calls..

The Pathfinder

PS. The above plane picture is that of a World War 2 British bomber called Avro Lancaster. 
Special squadrons of these aircraft became "Pathfinder" units.
With much danger, they went ahead of the main bomber group to mark targets.

The Dudes father (pictured) served in WW2 RAF (Royal Air Force) - so holds a special place.

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