The Lone Wolf

Society puts a negative spin on the term "Lone Wolf"
and people associate to a "Desperado" type character
like described in that song by the Eagles - see youtube
“You better let somebody Love you, before its too late”

The Dude however , thinks about a different meaning..
Everyone needs to work with 
the natural "Lone Wolf" part of their nature

Related to this, is the Dudes experience with Lifeline counselling.
He has observed that some of his peers 
are so very focussed on the "Rule Book" and afraid of Litigation 

The Dude believes... this is not how it is supposed to be
The individual counsellor needs to develop their own style
based on their own strengths and most of all instinct

This society is far too critical on being original 

Some self serving egos (quite often in authority) even... 
deride the creative soul...
They invest enormous amounts of dark energy ,
documenting the “failings” of creative people (to justify their own warped agenda). 
 see Skynet    

IMHO: Group Training is necessary as a Guideline..
But, what is important is Encouraging a person.
And giving time  for them to “make mistakes” and develop.
Patience to let the individual .. Just work it out...


One of the Dudes favourite Lone Wolf examples is 
World War 1 pilot Albert Ball 
(top Fighter Ace for the Allies)

He was a young man with a gift for flying
Which did not exist in a Book... 

He very rarely socialised
Preferring to keep his own counsel
Deeply spiritual
He flew purely on instinct...
4 The Quiet EarthFrom the Quiet..   he understood where the real Power came from

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