One Golden Eternity

“The reader and writer are not separate - We are One Golden Eternity” Jack Kerouac
The Dude recently read at the Kerouac classic “The Lonesome traveller”.

At the end of the story , Jack ends up on Desolation Peak (Washington State) as a fire watcher for 3 months.
What Kerouac confronted , alone at the top of the mountain is amazing!!!
Beautifully captured in some of his text - as follows:



“When you realise that God is everything – you will know to Love everything”
“I just lay on the mountain in the moonlight, head to the grass, and heard the silent recognition of my temporary woes”
“Stay in the Nirvana bliss is all you have to do. No path, no discipline, but just to know that all is empty and awake”

By 1956 , Jack was 34 years old and had plenty in his life to sort out.
Years later , critics will say that his 3 month excursion was an absolute failure, as his life spiralled downwards soon afterward.

These same people will dismiss Kerouac writing style as undisciplined, with "no discipline, no craft, no revision" .. all of it innocent go-ahead confession...

The Dude would argue that they miss the point. 
Jack covered this mountain experience in  3 different books: Dharma Bums, Lonesome Traveller, Desolation Angels) and he brings the reader right into that that particular space
                                                                                   and time. When he faced The Void.

His failure makes him no less a hero - for attempting to face his demons 

This is the point - This is the teaching - This is his success - This is the ...
One Golden Eternity.

Glory lies in the attempt to reach one's goal and not in reaching it. 
Mahatma Gandhi
see also The Lone Wolf  

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