Peaceful Easy Feeling

It was a miracle.. 

from where the female character in “Wild” started.. the person she became in real life today.

The film chronicles her inspirational story 

When Reese took that deep breath 
(before the majesty of the Pacific crest trail)
you just knew she was on the right path. 

it is a timely message for us all
and is a reminder about how much we are capable of.

Next week the Eagles will be in Brisbane
The Dude would like to take his 23 year old daughter to this event.

In the Dudes mind..
The band "Eagles" and the film “Wild” are connected.

peaceful easy feeling
For example, the artwork on their first album..
..reminds us of the California terrain that Cheryl Strayed walked 

In 1972 ... Peaceful easy feeling hits the airwaves..
and it was like nothing else going on musically.

The youth of the day (like Reese in the beginning of the film)
were struggling with what was going on in the world

There was a knowingness
that nature offered a calming influence

The song reminded them what they should be focusing on:
    the billions of stars all around
    the solitude of the desert
    the eternal knowledge that exists out there
    the healing
    the ultimate Peaceful Easy Feeling.

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Dude Footnote: 
Talking of miracles..
Just saw the History of the Eagles Rock documentary.
How everything fell into place with the coming together
and putting together the debut record ..
was like divine intervention.

So many things had to go right for them:
How original members Glenn Frey and Don Henley
got work as backing musicians for Linda Ronstadt.
and how they knew Jackson Browne (who was a conduit to David Geffen) 
and how they were friendly with Jack Tempchin (writer of "Peaceful easy feeling")
and how they importantly came to meet the two other music talents..
.. Eagles members Bernie Leadon and Randy Meisner

..and then getting that deal with Geffen's Asylum records 
and arguably the most important piece of the puzzle
meeting UK producer Glyn Johns 

How all these people and events came together to release this first single.
IMHO - It was just meant to be.