Money for Nothing

The Dude is tired..
He is tired of being told that.. 
"he partied too much...  and now he has to pay"
and that he has been part of this whole ..
                  spending money we don’t have mindset..
and that people like him have ..
positioned the world.. on the edge of a financial precipice..


He is in no doubt .. that world wide ..
                          some pretty nasty times will unfold..

He does not believe stimulus packages will work..
He does not believe bailing out financial institutions will work..
To him it sounds like.. sending good tax payer money after bad.

In Lifeline we say:
                         “the first step of a recovery program is...... Surrender”
an admission that catastrophic mistakes have been made
IMHO.. stop the denial and take this first step.. 
       allow the collapse..allow bankruptcies.. allow pain.. allow what has to happen...
Then... Let the rains come.. 
in the form of massive financial systems restructure
and let the decay get washed out.. Let the balance come..
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