Me Myself and I

Recently the Dude has been reading about...
some very Negative Writings about being the Individual
Words used were: Narcissistic, Selfish, Insensitive and Ego

Rejection of standard Education.
Rejection of Team
Rejection of Rules
The Dude applies different words and meanings  for 
The Individual
For him its all about...
Discarding the Generated Noise and
Allowing time and space to Connect..

Its not about constant stream of music, video files or social networks 
It is the seeking out of the stillness...
of the one place that inspires a person...
The One Place where things become clear...
A place  the Dude calls... the Quiet Earth

What Gary Snyder calls the Void
And  Jack Kerouac calls the one Golden Eternity

Me, Myself and I (see Joan Armatrading video: )

Is the first step for this type of connection.

All other variants in a persons life
Ie, Family, friends and all Living Things
Stems from this Base

                                        The Dude believes the individual
                       Finding your individual voice
                                        Keeping your own counsel
                                        is critical to the world moving forward 

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