Learn from the Quiet

The power of the internet means
that the people themselves..
are capable of taking Educational matters into their own hands,
and potentially bridge the "life skills gap"
that exists.. in the current education system.

"The way I saw the educational system from an early age was that it taught you what to think, not how to think. 
There was no liberty for free thinking. 
You were being trained to fit into a society, where free thinking was a nuisance. 
I liked some of my teachers very much, but I had no interest in their subjects" Joni Mitchell


In the "School of Dude" there is only one subject to learn.."Who am I?"
The first step being.. to look around your current environment and.. 
Find the Quiet.. 
IMHO - All other learning flows from that

NB: for the Dude "the Quiet" exists 1 kilometer away at "Whites Hill nature reserve".

From this space another aspect will come to the surface...
and also , the various messages from the spiritual teachers and "Gurus"..
There are many people who are worthy of attention..
Mike Reynolds for example.. 
is a soul driven by a noble quest to save the planet.

Similarly.. when George Harrison wrote "My Sweet Lord"..
there was a great teaching that
"we all share in a common consciousness".

Mother Teresa had a more direct approach and 
"just rolled up the sleeves" and took poverty straight on..

Each individual is capable of sharing in the same spirit..

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