Drugs Don't Work (Part2)

"What the Governments and Pharmaceutical companies don’t want you to Hear.."

#1. Over emphasis on "if it can be diagnosed , then it can be prescribed"
- Follow the Cash: The whole industry is looking for easy solutions for complex psychological problems

#2. That Drug companies are now putting cash into Mental Health Education systems
- Psychological and Therapist education systems are being influenced by Pharmaceutical companies
- When Shrinks and Therapists do their studies (a big portion is now pharmacology subjects) and...
-“Time on the couch” solutions (which contribute to a more natural therapy) are being Undermined 

#3. Toxicology Reports

#4. The cash is all tied up in “After the Fact” and Band Aid solutions
- They don’t want to hear about Prevention
- They don’t want to hear about Education 
- They don’t want to invest in the developing individual (ie, BEFORE actual mental health issues and drug usage occurs)

#5. That Prescription Medication shaves off the Highs and Lows
- And gets in the way of addressing the real underlying issues (see also 
  Drugs Don't Work (Part 1))
- The Dude hears this first hand (a lot) through Lifeline calls.

#6. That the system is trained to put faith in "Magic Pill" solutions
 - one word ... "Money"
#7. That the human body is already the best Pharmaceutical Store
- That as a mind , body and spirit.. we already have the means to release natural medication
- We have lost the ability to put Faith in ourselves .. 

Summary: Wrong dosage, Bad side affects & even Accidental Death (RIP Brittany Murphy and Heath) will become more common place...

So called "Natural remedies" will continue to be undermined..
but there will also be a band of "same page souls"
that will keep pointing to alternate pathways

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