China Crisis

“Recognising the Chinese middle class.. as important as recognising the internet...” 

The Tourism future for Australia.. is to build Super Casinos and 
entice cashed up Chinese to come in and spend? 
and it is supposed to be of benefit for All?

The Dude immediately connects to that 
Oils song that starts:
“the Rich get Richer and the Poor get the Picture”


"Horse sense is good judgement.. 
            ...which keeps horses from betting on people"
Also, Lifeline counsellor Dude has much experience listening... 
to the aftermath of heart broken people that exist around gamblers.. 
it is a pretty sobering experience to hear these stories.. 

There are a ton of people in the world with addictive personalities.. 
who are not equiped to handle.. 
the myriad substances and activities available to them..
... and while the Dude agrees that “Individual choice is sacrosanct”.. 
he also thinks.. distracts you from where your head should be.


it doesn't matter about the type of addiction a person has...
                                          ... the same areas of the human brain are lit up


Lastly, t
he Dude went to Las Vegas not so long ago.. . 
and while the Dude enjoyed aspects of the city .. 
it did not make his heart sing like...

And.. then.. there was this..  very clear moment..
in a small town a few hours outside of Las Vegas called Mesquite, Nevada .. 
where there was an entire wall of missing local teenage daughters ..
and this face that the Dude photographed.. 
"This is the reality...   behind the glitz and so called glamour"


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Dude Segueway :
“Are we not Happy .. in our own Way???”
1984 - The Dude used to be a DJ 
He used to play this song Black Man Ray” a lot.. 
His personal interpretation is as follows:

Black Man Ray is a real life Mersey Elder

Who tries to tell the China Crisis boys how Life really is..

About the choice between 

keeping it real and being in happiness 

and a pretend life full of distraction and self doubt..

And how ultimately in Death ..Nothing really matters