Captain Negative

"The type of person who has the ability to suck the Light Energy out of a room..."

The Dude recently... 
has come across several examples of this particular type of soul...
 NB: can anyone believe there are people out there who actively hate Earthships?

Why are they here?
Why do they upset others?

Dude conclusion: “There is no Why...   they simply Are”

Make no mistake though – these people are out to serve themselves
Seek out victim energy.. and generally cause Chaos

Maybe this energy has always been on Earth?
Maybe at some level we all have some negativity built in?
Maybe something to do with Energy of Polar Opposites?

Maybe it is OK to not fully understand..

But.. What of the Souls of Light?

How do they take the Heat out the situation?

Without being walked over?

Without losing part of themselves?


They start with a simple deep breath

They loosen their neck and shoulders

And keep their focus firmly on the Calm...

                                                         their acceptance of “what is”

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