The future has not been written... 
There is no fate, but what we make for ourselves.  
All my life my mother told me.. "a Storm is coming..." 
So I live... Off the Grid... no phone, no address. 
No one and nothing can find me.. John Connor

Some folks out there .. have reached the end of their tether...
These people are near collapse..
What Lifeline calls.. a mental break down..

The counselors do referrals.. 
and ask about your General Practitioner.. 
with use words to you like:
Depression.. Feelings.. and Prescription Medication..

The Dude has his own thoughts about such things..
Maybe .. for some people .. modern life is all too much..


The Dude thinks about alternate routes:

Belief in the Self
Allowing Time and Space..
Discard the Drama and the Distraction.. 
and start by taking a simple deep breath..

The Dude believes that there are large groups 
who want to keep the masses
in a sedated, non thinking, non creative and compliant state..

To him - its all like "Skynet"  
and there is a sub text of control..

"There's a Storm coming in.."

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