The recent death of Robin Gibb
stirred some old memories within the Dude...
From 1968 to be exact.
“Tomorrow – where in the World will I be?” 
The song "World" represents one of the first songs
that sparked emotional energy within a very young Dude..

Words about the Planet Earth..
made him realise how small he was in front of..
the hugeness of space and beyond that.. the universe.
Concepts that really blew the mind of a 7 year old 

nb: 2001 a Space Odyssey also blew Dude mind!

To some the sound is somewhat dated
But the song does capture an aspect of the time..

For a whole load of people...  
1968 was the worst year of the 20th century
Vietnam, Assassinations, Political protest, equal rights protest..
                                                                                    and a Restless Youth..

Aussie Digger at Phuoc Tuy

Looking back now..
the Dude sees another side
and how you could easily argue the point..
that in fact .. 
1968 was also the very best year of the last century

The Summer of Love
Consider the Art, Film, Music of that year..
For the Dude.. there was a real freedom of expression
No boundaries..
Revolution was in the air
And even as a boy the Dude could feel it

Grace Slick "go ask Alice - I think she'll know"

Sometimes.. Chaos and Turbulence is OK..
If it means .. that in the aftermath .. 
Space is Created..

and allow.. 
new energy to come in..
What the youth of the day called

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