5a Earthship Psychology


While standing before the very best of nature... 
(see below pics)

From the solitude... 
The Dude started thinking about the type of person who is attracted to Earthships?
Why do they think the way they do?
In a rapidly changing world - what role will they play? 
What are the challenges in front on them?

The Dude believes that Earthship builders have a common thread of consciousness
They care about the environment and the future of the planet
They understand what the future will be about:
Cooperation, Sustainability, Reducing waste and Life by Simple means
Also, a new development is that technology is now bypassing media control. 

"You just don't start liking Earthships with the snap of the fingers" 
IMHO - its a journey
All your previous thoughts and feelings..
ie, People you listen to
and Text you have read...

Songs you have listened to 
Spiritual teachers that have influenced you... and 
Energy from the Void...
All come together...

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