Earthship Australia

The Dude watched the "Garbage Warrior" documentary starring  Mike Reynolds..
and so began an interest in Earthships... 
He attended a  Mike University Lecture in Brisbane Feb 2012... and came out totally inspired.

Also, due to a number of things that have happened during the Dudes Personal Odyssey (ie, being a Lifeline counsellor, Dad, 60's guru etc) ...  
the Dude sees some dramas occuring re. the future of our planet.. 

He believes Earthships are a practical measure to counter the challenges coming..  

He decided to build one in his backyard (see picture).. and make it a beacon for same page souls. 
Earthships are all about: new age solutions, simple living, current world events, less stess, conservation, keeping positive and embracing the underlying spirit of the age.  

Ps. VISITS: Earthship fans can come and chill out over Peppermint tea.. and discuss technical aspects of building Earthships etc. NB: There will be one painting inside Earthship - that of Dudes #1 60's hero George Harrison . For Visits then message Dude through Facebook link

SUPPORT THE DUDE!!! in his noble quest to build Earthship Hut. He has a # of people to CONVINCE! LIKE below FACEBOOK Kurt Cobain talk
 (uncle Buck)   
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Facebook Mission: to establish a Meeting place for "same page souls" 

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Earthship Australia
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